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1. Relámpago negro 3:41

2. Vengo corriendo 2:56

3. Antes de la caída 3:57

4. Frente al mar 4:38

5. Love is the only sound 4:05

6. Sangre y sal 3:34

7. Lucifer tras de mí 2:34

8. Bipolar 3:57

9. Con nocturnidad 1:41

10. Marcas las fronteras 3:40

11. Falta de ti 2:18


Audio CD - Sangre y Sal - New album on 14 June 2019

Avant-garde and tradition. Sangre y Sal (Blood and Salt) is the third solo album by Daniel Puente Encina. 11 tracks reflecting the journey of this indomitable artist, able to display even greater originality with every new album he releases. This varied and entertaining repertoire is inspired by the mark left by Africa on the criolla music of Peru, Argentina and, naturally, his home country, Chile. The result is an astonishing range of sounds: Afro-Peruvian rhythms with dashes of flamenco, Guaguancó (Cuban Rumba), Argentinian Zamba and Peruvian Waltz are organically and naturally interweaved with Latin Swing and Boleros, whose common denominator is the exquisite, sophisticated percussion of cajón and congas, together with Spanish guitars, in true explosion of leather and wood.

1. Relámpago negro - Black lightning: The tale of a timeless loser in the dark night of the soul. The atmosphere is tropical and the peace merely that comes before the storm.
2. Vengo corriendo - I’m coming running: When injustice rules and politics is at the service of amoral and unscrupulous power, all that remains is to flee to the hills, with a hope of change in your pack. A rough, peasant musical framework blending Chilean cueca and Argentinean zamba with a Moroccan riff from the Maghreb.
3. Antes de la caída - Before the fall: When in Cuba, Daniel heard a drunk lurching about saying "Ten cuida'o voy de la'o" (Watch out, I’m going sideways!”). An Afro-infused descent into hell. A Cuba rumba against the backdrop of the cyclical rhythm of a strange and dark djembe.
4. Frente al mar - By the sea: When everything’s going wrong and we forget who we are, love brings us hope. Santería, love and devotion, invoking blessings. Voodoo Love! Batá rhythm and Afro bass.
5. Love is the only sound: An amour fou with fatal consequences. Impossible to continue. Impossible to end. Cha-cha-cha, rum and romance in a suffocating atmosphere with an unforgettable sax.
6. Sangre y sal - Blood and salt: Existentialism and the sea come together in a dreamlike, underwater ode. A slow, hypnotic Afro riff.
7. Lucifer tras de mí - Never choose the Devil: The timeless drama of a useless sinner desperately seeking redemption. Latin grooves straight out of the Bronx with street soul.
8. Bipolar: The curse of depression to the rhythm of zamba under the merciless sun of the pampa. A poetic trova theme with a furious ending.
9. Con nocturnidad - By night: Bohemia, alcoholism and swing with Lindy hop.
10. Marcas las fronteras - You set the boundaries: Redemptive love beating back the demons. Hope is sweet and from Lima, infused with cinnamon and chili. Afro-Peruvian waltz with touches of Zamacueca.
11. Falta de ti - The lack of you: Lack of love amongst mansions, swimming pools and sequins. Cynical, despairing Latin slow swing.

Daniel Puente Encina - Composer, author, vocals, Spanish guitar
Carlos Corona - Spanish guitar
Trigo Santana - Bass
Daniel "Topo" Gioia - Congas, djembe, percussion
Laura Robles - Cajón, bass
Matteo Bowinkelmann - Calabash
Jörg Bücheler - Trombone
Han Sato - Tenor sax

The digipack includes a 20-page booklet with the lyrics in Spanish and English.

All songs written, composed, arranged and produced by Daniel Puente Encina.
Recorded by Jordi Solé, Jordi Mora and Alex Gispert at Music Lan Studios in Avinyonet de Puigventós and by Franz Harfenmeister at Greve Studio in Berlin.
Mixed and mastered by Jordi Solé at Music Lan Studios in Avinyonet de Puigventós.

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